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90,7 kg
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98,5 kg
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81,6 kg
Aún para ir: 16,9 kg
Back in 1999, I was in a car accident that quite literally destroyed my dreams and my weight loss progress(I went from 250lbs to 199). Over the next two years I ballooned to a whopping 367+(I stopped getting on the scale). For two weeks I binged like an animal in heat. I ate my self sick then one morning I said no more. I started a severe weight loss program and exercise routine(love you Mr. Banks). I lost over 100lbs in 7mnths, then my husband cheated on me and left me. It was then I moved myself up to the Poconos and continued my journey. I've since married, gained, lost and back again, what I call Lifus Interuptus. This year I hit a new high of 257 and vowed not to return to the 300s. With the help of family, friends and especially Fat Secret I am down over 50lbs since the end of May. Thank you all. Here's to losing the next 53lbs.

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Ú‎ltimo pesaje: Perdiendo 0,1 kg a la Semana Down
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Libro de Cocina de Alnona

Calorías: 93kcal | Grasa: 7,89g | Carbh: 3,78g | Prot: 2,95g
Peanut Butter Almond Muffins
Keto friendly muffins.
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